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U-BAR by Mind Body Soul is a young brand formed with one mission, that to provide ready to eat, on the go or at home bars, snacks & eventually other foods which are not only delicious, but a great alternative to the usual available foods. These are healthy & performance snacks with great protein content. They are versatile and can be eaten pre or post a workout or a sport, a walk or as a meal replacer, a snack at your home or office. This is also a great desert addition. The only thing better would probably be a meal cooked fresh at home.

The company is developing new tastes & formulas with the assist of some of the industry best and will be launching new products on regular intervals. Even though we know that you will enjoy our products and reorder them, we will always be open to hearing from you and look forward your mails and messages to better understand your needs and receive your honest feedback on our products, to tweak them, make them better if the need so arises. This is to ensure we achieve what we started out to in the first place, the best standards in the industry & the finest products for you.


The founder is an entrepreneur since 1996, is also dedicated to fitness & wellness since 1992, much before it became the in thing to do and is actively working out, swimming, Cycling, Running, doing Yoga, Just Walking or on days, running up the stairs and just about anything that gets him going. He tried his hands at calisthenics also really watches what he eats. Prashant has extensively travelled within India, covering almost all states and visited some 40 countries or so worldwide. This gives him great insight of the healthy ready to eat & performance eating trends world over. He intends to get all those experiences together and create modern, yummy, fun to eat & healthy performance snacks for every man, woman, child, the weekend warrior, hard core athletes, just about every one, once recipe at a time.

Mission & Vision

Mission : What an organization is, why it exists
To create & provide ready to eat bars, snacks and more, which are healthy, delicious, performance oriented and have a range of products for all ages. To create different kinds of products for different needs.

Vision : Clear, compressive picture of the company sometime in the future
We see the company launching products on a regular basis, providing great quality ingredients and taste and becoming a leading force in the space. UBAR by Mind Body Soul becomes the go to company for power packed, nutritious, really yummy and dependable Bars & snacks. U BAR becomes a life choice.

& Core Value

Belief, Concept & Principal

U BAR believes that great ingredients build great products and that when you pick up our bar, you should go like – Booyah – lets do this every day, lets live life big, let us eat a U BAR again!

Our concept is to provide different type of nutrition, foods to different needs, like a weekend warrior (a person mostly active during the week end), hardcore athlete, a regular office going person, a child, someone just taking a break. We will keep adding products to cater to all.

Every person we know (almost every), loves to eat a chocolate, which apart from taste and empty calories has NOTHING much to offer. We principally want to teach kids, young adults, adults, seniors, just about everyone what to eat, not miss the taste and still get something good inside.

We believe that too much sugar does not necessarily build a great tasting product, there are better alternatives which make the food yummy and that quality calories are better than quantity calories

Principally we treat business like you treat family, with care, love and all that comes in and finally believe that eat like your life depends on it, because it does.

Develop different types of bars/products for different needs and they will be the best in their category across all products.

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