Customer privacy is very important for us and we completely respect your privacy. This policy describes the type of information we may collect from you or something that you may provide us when you log on to our site at, also how we use or maintain them. This policy covers all kinds of information related to this site a message from the site, a mail from your end to us, etc.

Information collected & How:

The information collected while you use the site or any of our social media handles is pretty straightforward:

  1. Your Name
  2. Address & Location
  3. Social Media Details
  4. Email Address
  5. Personal Preferences, Product Preferences, or Service Preferences
  6. Other Preferences as you may put on the site

While you navigate our site we may collect some data of your traffic to ensure you have a better experience at our site.

When you log on to the site, we may collect your location information as well along with your buying & taste preferences

This information is collected when you:

  1. Register for an account
  2. Purchase products from our site
  3. Sign up or subscribe to the newsletter or our regular delivery program
  4. Take part in any of our contests
  5. Submit an inquiry to our support or hello email id's
  6. Interact with our social media handles

How we use your information:

The use of your information is for the following reasons:

  1. To send you mailers & information about our products, new launches, changes in our company or similar company-related information.
  2. We may use the information to resolve any disputes that arise in the future between us, our products, services, mailers, content, or any company-related matter.
  3. We may use the information to improve our products and services to you.
  4. We also use this information to improve on and customize our products & services with you.
  5. At times the information may be used to determine whether you are eligible for a certain product or service or not. So we may verify your age for a product, service, or job application.

Disclosure of your information:

We may collect some information from the cookies about your preferences while using the site, speed of use, etc, which also assists in recognizing you when you return to the site.

We may share the information with the following:

  1. Affiliates who work with, under us to provide better services to you
  2. Partners or IT companies who may need this information to better our services and products to you by using third party tools, etc
  3. We may disclose this information to interested buyers, buyers, investors in our company, companies we have a merger with, or any similar corporate transaction which we may go through.
  4. We may have to use this information in case of a court order, legal procedure, or any more law.
  5. We may use this information if we feel it is necessary to protect our other customers.

If you so wish that we do not use your personal information, please write to us at

Changes to our privacy policy:

We will post all changes to our policies on this page of our website with the last change date mentioned on top.

Contact us:

  • Email:
  • Office: 13, Woodburn Park Road, Binnany Buildings, Kolkata - 700020, West Bengal, India
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