3 Steps to Becoming One

Apply for it

- Fill out the form & join the revolution to make people eat better & perform better.
- Await our response on your form

Show everyone how you - Ubar

- All brand ambassadors will receive monthly shipments of their favorite Ubars to share with the community or for themselves.
- Get working on sharing and spreading the good word on Ubars on your social media handles in photos, videos, talk about the product one on one, do whatever it takes to make the word reach everyone you know.

Earn commissions while doing what you are good at, passionate about & in the process get associated with Ubar!

- Once part of the team, you start earning commissions on the sales made via your code, which is given to you when you become a brand ambassador.


What is required of a UBAR Brand Ambassador?

You are expected to spread the word on our products and brand, make it a part of your daily life, as a result of which people you speak to about the brand will understand it better. This has to be done both online & off line, face to face.

You will be expected to post at least twice a month on all your social media handles like, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, any other site, blog you may be associated or a part off. These posts should show you doing what you are known for and Ubar should be part of the posts.

If you have an event where you would like Ubars to be part off, connect with us at hello@mindbodysoul.net.in and we will respond to you and take things forward. The usual response time is 48 working hours or under.

Do I get the products for free?

Yes you do  ! If you are an active brand ambassadors, then you automatically get a box of one flavour free every month. This can be consumed by you or sold further, as it suits you. You can choose your bars and let us know, we will have them dispatched to you.

How do I earn a commission?

Treat this like a passionate business; sell this to everyone that you know. End of the month you will receive a commission transfer to your bank. Kindly check back with us for the details. Fill the Ubar form and some one will connect with you in 48 working hours or under.

How do I get paid?

As mentioned, the predefined commissions will be transferred to your bank account every month on a specified date based on your sales for the period. You can make serious money here.

Will I get accepted as a brand Ambassador? If yes, how long is the UBar Brand Ambassador agreement for?

We are very passionate about who we work with and who gets to wear the Ubar logo and promote it. For this reason, we are very interested in people who are equally passionate and regularly promote our brand in their social media handles, talk about the product offline.

We evaluate everyone associated, make sure they are active. The ones who are regular and active with their promotions, continue their relationship with us, the inactive ones will be terminated after a few attempts of conversation.

Welcome to the Ubar family. We’re so glad you are now one of us!

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