1. The Site:

Welcome to www.ubars.in (our site). The site is owned & operated by M/s Mind Body Soul Fitness & Wellness Llp(MBS), a limited liability partnership. All the information, servcies and products are provided by MBS, subject to the terms conditions(T & C) and terms of Usage(TOU) given below. By using the website, you agree to be bound by these. We request you to periodiacally review these T & C and TOU so that you are uptodate with the same. You shall be subject all guidelines posted, previous & current guidelines. Throughout the website, we, us and our refers to Ubar & Mind Body Soul fitness & wellness llp.

2. The service:

The site provides information, has several features and provides services. Unless specifically stated, any additional feature & servcie that enhanses, inproves, changes in any way the sevice or information provided on the site shall be concidered part of the Service and shall be subject to the T & C and TOU. The servcie provided may be for information purposes only and is not guaranteed. We are not responsible for any or liable, for the accuracy, inaccuracy, part or completeness, usefullness of the information, content or any data, texts, url, audio + video clips, advertisiment material pictures or any matter that is put up on the site. We shall not be responsible for any decision made or liable for any sums or anything for decisions made in reliance of this information.

3. Registration:

The site asks for registration and if you choose to register then you are subject to the T & C and TOU of this website. You will have to create your user id and password and are solely responsible to maintain the same with discreetion.

4. Third party websites:

The site may provide third party websites for references, cross references or other matter. But the site is in no way responsible for the material and data there since we have no control over the third part websites. We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage in any ways for decisions taken based on the information provided there or loss on transactions made.

5. Posting policy

Product pages, blog articles & other areas where you can interact are given to the users to express their views, share experiences, ideas & information. The individual who posts in such forums is solely responsible for the accuracy, reliability and truthfullness of this data. Ubar & Mind body Soul is in no way responsible for the same at any time. Additionally it is expected that the user does not put in distastful, disrespectfull & offensive data for other users opf the site including Ubar & Mind Body Soul and shall be solely tresponsible for all the posts hence made.

6. Ubar content:

The site provides cntent which may be onwed by Ubar such as the logo/logos, product details, product pictures, product names, etc which are a the property of Ubar. You promise not to download, print, use the same for any purpose what so ever.

7. Terms of sale:

These terms of sale, in addition to the TOU govern and control your purchase of products from the site, mobile version - collectively known as the site, related Services & applications. Your purchasing on our site confirms your acceptance of the TOS of the site set by Mind Body Soul fitness & wellness llp.

7.1 Ordering:

Orders for in stock products are generally shipped within 1 - 3 working days. As and when we launch priority shipping, that too can be used.

The purchase pf products and servcies on the site is subject to availability of products. If the products you select are out of stock, we always attempt to flag them on the site so you are not incovenienced. In the unlikely event you order a product that is not in stock, our customer care team will connect with you and assist you in either changing the order or processing a full refund without charges, if you do not want any other product.

All orders will be shipped to the delivery address mentioned at the time of booking. The merchandise may arrive in more than one box, if that happens and you have ordered only one, we will not charge you extra for the same.

7.2 Shipping:

We use multiple vendors for logistics depending on your place of stay, etc

7.3 Risk of loss:

The risk of loss passes on to you, the customer the as soon as your order is delivered. It is important that you give us the correct address, as we will be delivering in the address mentioned itself. It is your sole responsibility to provide us with a correct and safe address for the delivery. In the event you provide us with an incorrect address or end up not collecting the product from your given address, you alone shall be responsible for the losses incurred.

7.4 Payment methods:

For your convenience, we have multiple options for receiving payments from your end. They are mentioned below.

7.5 Cancellations:

Ubars is very efficient in processing and dispatching orders once they have been received. The orders can be cancelled if they have not been dispatched only. You could also reach out to us @ the email given below. Email: support@mindbodysoul.net.in, all timely cancelled oders will be promptly refunded.

7.6 Returns & Refunds:

At Ubar, we absolutely love our products, since they are made with great care and love. We are extreemely confident that you too will like our products. We have set out to have a large range of products because we know that no one product is suitable for every one, since all of us have different needs.

For returns the products have to be purchased from our website, not damaged and has to be refunded with 3 days of receiving the same. We will the go ahead and process the refunds in 15 working days(not counting saturdays, sundays & public holidays). The products can only be returned if there is a problem with it or is damaged. You could get in touch with us at support@mindbodysoul.net.in

7.7 Offers, Discounts, Codes, Promotions & Sale:

You agree to the fact and understand that no two offers can be used together on the site www.ubars.in, also, when the prices are reduced as part of aan ongoing sale, the no coupon, code, or programme is applicable.

We reserve the right to reject any order that does does not comply with terms and conditions of the promotions offered. In the event of any insconsistency betweent the discount code terms and conditions and these terms of sale, the discount code terms & conditions shall prevail.

7.8 Credit card details:

You agree with, undetstand & confirm that credit card/cards provided by you is in fact yours legally & you shal not use any credit card which is not yours lawfully. This means that for all credit card transaction you must use only your credit card. You also agree to provide correct and valid credit card details while making the payments on our site www.ubars.in . The details dd not reach our website, we onlu get the pass, hold or fail message from our payment gateways. Such information will not be shared by our payment gateways or www.ubars.in with any third party, unless needed for fraud verification or by law, court order or regulation. Www.ubars.in is not liable for any credit car fraud. The liability of using the credit car is on you & the onus to prove otherwise shall be exclusively on you.

7.9 Fradulant & Declined tranactions:

We as a company/merchant are not liable or be under any liability whatsoever in respect of any loss, losses or damage arising directly or iddirectly out of the decline of authorisation of any transaction for reasons such as cardholder limit exceeded on the preset limit agreed mutually between us, with our acquiring back from time to time.

7.10 Pricing & description errors:

Ubar does its best when it comes to providing information about its various products and servcie on the site, as accurately as possible. However we do not warrant or guarantee that the product description, specificatins, pricing, looks on our website is complete, accurate, reliable, immediate current or error free, relating to its pricing, specifications of any one of many of its items or servcies. In the event of any error in terms of pricing, offer, deal, specification, etc of the product or servcei, Ubar has the right to refuse or cancell the order or orders placed by the client in its sole discetion. In case we have charged your payments, the same amounts will be returned back to you via bank transfer in the next 14 working days. Additional terms & conditions may apply. If a product you purchased is not as described, your sole remidy is to return it to us in unused condition, complete & undamaged in its original packaging.

8. Subscriptions:

The Ubar health club is our subscription service vehicle that automatically connects and delivers you yummy bars/snacks at your door step on a regular recurring basis fr 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 months or more depending on the service that you have booked. You can joing the Ubar health club by selecting the option on the home page.

9. Distribution, Wholesale, Retail & Affiliate:

If you are a distributor, wholeseller, retailer or an affiliate wanting to work with us, or someone who wants to buy in bulk, please click here and fill the form. Once you do so, we will get back to you in 24hours or under.

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